Cito Connects Outlook with Sharepoint.

Cito will let you manage all your e-mail correspondence and attachments in Microsoft SharePoint. With Cito add-in for Outlook you simply drag’n drop emails and attachments directly into folders in Sharepoint and attach files from Sharepoint to your emails.

Save time, space and hustle with our excellent plugin. Easily organize, archive and share your business agreements, project correspondence and all other important documents in SharePoint directly from your mailbox.


Stop saving your files locally

Get our trial and test our software for free with full functionality for 30 days, no strings attached. Click the button below to fill out the form and get instant access to the installation files. Please read the readme.txt file in the installation package for instructions.


Cito explained:

Do you and your colleagues spend a lot of time managing files in Outlook and Sharepoint?Attaching a file from Sharepoint to an email in Outlook, is not quite as quick or easy as one would like.

First you need to download and save the file locally and only then can you attach it to an email. And, of course, you have to go through the same awkward process if you want to upload files to Sharepoint.

With Cito, we want to make things easy, and minimize time-consuming tasks, to free up time for you to focus on things that are more important. This is why we have developed Cito! With Cito you simply and quickly drag and drop your files both to and from Sharepoint.

Cito can also be connected with both Teams and OneDrive… which makes sharing information about projects, customers and orders easier. Simplify your work-life with Cito!